Project management and execution

Rigotec is an experienced execution company specializing as a general contractor (GC) in complex projects involving the dismantling, relocation, and assembly of machines, production lines, factories, and mechanical and electromechanical systems.

The company excels across various industries, including microelectronics, food, pharmaceuticals in clean room environments, petrochemicals, and power stations.

Rigotec’s operational departments facilitate the management and execution of complex projects as a general contractor. They provide professional solutions across a wide range of operational areas.

Departments of the execution array:
Project Management and Execution Department
Engineering Department
Procurement and Inventory Management Department
Safety Department
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department
Techno-Logistics Department

The main execution areas are:

  • Installation and connection of piping and electrical systems.
  • Construction and upgrade of cleanrooms, server farms, and data centers including raised flooring (RMF), walls, and ceiling grids.
  • Including all finishing works in construction.
  • Logistics support including packaging, storage, and transportation, including international shipping freight forwarding, and dispatch.
  • Support the assembly and installation of machines and production lines.
  • Engineering design and planning services.
  • Server farms and laboratories.
  • Safety and quality.

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